Our goal is to enhance our customers’ experience by increasing their level of efficiency and production through the use of specialized, automated equipment. Our in-house expertise in intelligent machine design and build allows us to integrate precision robotics, vision systems, data acquisition and product traceability into cost-effective processes, machines and assemblies.

GEM applies lean manufacturing principles to engineer and build highly automated, lean manufacturing assembly, and QC testing lines and material handling cells to produce your product.


Using value-added lean methodology paired with our highly skilled, cross trained staff, we are able to quickly manufacture a complete product build. By incorporating our level of efficiency with a customer’s product vision, we guarantee steady business flow while ensuring high quality results.

GEM’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities combined with our strong global supply chain provides our customers with the broadest offering of contract manufacturing services of complex electro-mechanical systems, subsystems and component fabrication.


Capitalizing on decades of machining experience, our dedicated team can manufacture your tight close tolerance, 2-5 axis parts that and meet your delivery expectations. Our intricate cell design of automated mechanical systems make it possible to manufacture thousands of unique parts.

GEM’s continuous investment in the latest CNC equipment enables us to match the right tools with your individual needs.  From a one-off part to full volume production runs, our team of operators, programmers, and supply chain managers will exceed your expectations.